Expertise, care and attention to detail are the key to a quality result

Customising any product is an art. That is why we advise and guide you towards the most appropriate techniques for your project.

We select and choose with you and with care the printing techniques to offer you the best quality to meet your expectations.
Discover the different processes used by Wazabi to transform simple objects into real communication media.

Textile Printing

Textile printing techniques are multiple. From the simplest to the most creative, there is a multitude of choices and the art consists in combining all these to offer you the best rendering according to your initial idea, your budget or your deadline. Our added value? Our expertise and know-how. Discover all our techniques!

Objects Customisation

Your objects also deserve an adequate impression. There are almost as many possibilities as there are objects… Almost. Indeed, according to the support, its composition, its form, one can find various possibilities of customisation. Our role is to provide you with a finished object with the printing technique appropriate to your project and your communication objective.