A personalised approach to spice up your promotions

Wazabi is the reference on the Belgian promotional market. Thanks to its expertise in printing and customisation techniques, Wazabi develops your ideas and needs in business gifts, goodies, promotional textiles and work clothing. Our personalised approach guides our clients to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time. Wazabi is that little extra that enhances your identity with taste.

It’s original, it’s pro, it’s eco. *
And… it’s made with taste.

Why choose Wazabi?

It’s a way to distinguish yourself. It is adding that little extra that will make your identity, that of your brand, your event, your organisation, or your company unique. This touch of creativity that makes all the difference.
Wazabi is the perfect mix between professionalism and originality. Our customised approach is based on trust and long-term relationships, both with our customers and suppliers, and within our own team.

The little detail that makes Wazabi unique?

It’s original, professional, sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

Together, we reinforce and convey your brand image with taste & originality.

Our mission is to provide companies, brands, institutions and agencies with innovative, appropriate and sustainable promotional solutions.

We offer you to differentiate yourself while respecting the environment, and in an ethical way. We help you create sustainable promotions over time.

Our values define who we are.

And we defend them on a daily basis through each of our projects.


With 14 years of experience in the business gift, promotional textile and workwear market, we have developed in-depth knowledge of printing techniques, customisation and the scope of the offer. We are always up to date with the latest trends and innovations. This makes us a real specialist on the promotional market.


Each project and each client is unique. Our objective is to meet or exceed our commitments in terms of deadlines and feasibility. We are always looking for new solutions to meet our customers’ needs.


In order to meet your needs, we rely on long-term relationships. Our goal is to understand you, to accompany you and to work together, on solid and trusting bases. We also have these solid foundations with our suppliers and within our own team.


Respect for the environment and human beings is at the heart of our concerns. Wherever possible, we want to propose solutions that have a positive impact on the environment. We privilege quality over quantity. Always listening to our customers, we find together the most appropriate solutions in terms of budget, quality, quantity and deadlines.


We propose original ideas, those that allow you to differentiate yourself, and are also in agreement with your type of company, brand or event. Our goal is to enhance each identity with this little extra that will make you unique.