Sustainable Catalog

A media in its own right.

Promoting the advertising object to position it as a real communication lever. Highlighting the relationship between the object and the user. Our durable catalogue offers a “connected” range with backpacks, laptop pockets, smartphone, powerbanks, car chargers, watches, phone accessories, alarm clocks, audio devices. All in style and design. The objects in this catalogue are also sustainable and the packaging is made according to a sustainable development approach with Citizen Green packaging.


Premium Catalog

The gifts everyone wants to receive.

It is always easier to promote a positive image when you have well-established names to help you. Avenue offers an impressive collection of exclusive commercial and promotional brands, all carefully selected to be decorative. A technological range, bags, caps and sunglasses, umbrellas, beauty and well-being, notebooks and many other products that stand out for their quality and technological aspect.


Design Catalog

Create a “Waw” effect!

With these products, the principle is simple. You turn a product into a real personal gift. In this case, we play as much on the product as on the packaging to highlight the brands but also to create a “Waw” effect that we remember for a long time. From fun and affordable products to technological devices, design, audio but also notebooks, bags and travel equipment. Enough to find that little extra that will make the difference!


High Tech Catalog

Connect your brand

In a world in constant evolution and innovation, we design for you products that take into account the latest technological advances. Wireless, connected and high-end, they are the essence of the new selection of high-tech products. A wide choice in terms of colours and all customisable to wear the colours of your event, brand, company…


Holiday special

Give sustainable and eco-responsible gifts.

Spoil your employees, colleagues and business relations with a personalized gift that respects the environment, but that is also practical, useful, and on top of that pretty. From beauty products, to textiles, decoration, tableware or games, you will find the perfect gift here!

Did you find your Waw effect or at least what you are looking for in this offer?

If you haven’t found it yet, you can still go to our Goodies section. And if you would like personal assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.