Make your promotions last, get noticed !

Whether it is textile, business gifts, goodies, or work clothing, we offer you the best products and novelties. Discover our favourite brands. Each event, communication, brand, company is unique. To do this, we have a personalised approach. By browsing through the products below, you will get an overview of our offer, but nothing beats an e-mail or a call for advice.


Emblematic of promotional communication, the t-shirt also tells its story today. It’s not just a shirt anymore. Today it is a question of competing in creativity in order to stand out. Our experience and knowledge of brands and printing techniques will guide you so that your communication is unique and that the people who carry your brand feel good and are proud to wear your colours.


Casual, sporty, chic or cosy, with or without hood, the sweatshirt can be worn on any occasion.

A large selection of colours, weight, to mark your event, your action or simply to offer. Want to start your own brand?

Our offer is 100% customisable.

Tote Bags

How not to go unnoticed anymore?
More than an object, today it is a phenomenon. The tote bag is carried around on everyone’s shoulders. It is practical and with a nice customisation and a nice message, you can be sure that it will last in time.
Moreover, by choosing from our organic cotton offer, you are making a second gesture for the planet!


Useful, recognisable, practical, lanyards give a sense of belonging to your event.

Most often used at fairs, shows, events, festivals. Think of putting your logo, with a nice message on it so that we remember you! Get the message out!

USB Flash Drives

Almost 20 years that this object invaded the markets to simplify our life. Whether for private or professional use, these little things have demonstrated their ability to transmit information in complete security.

Durable and practical, they can also carry your message, either that of your brand or your company. Stay connected to your audience!

Ballpoint pens

It is part of our daily life, we find it in our bag, on our desk, in a pen pot, in the kitchen next to the shopping list, in our children’s pencils. It is available in various colours and materials. It’s the item that everyone needs and hardly anyone buys! From simple promotional ballpens to real business gifts. Our offer is unlimited.

And the whole in ecological proposal also with pens made from recycled CD boxes or banknotes or even denim. We have the solution so that this daily object writes the most beautiful lines of the history of your company.


Summarising, writing, scribbling, drawing, writing, memorising… everything that stimulates our creativity remains in these notebooks that we carry everywhere.

Bring your creative touch, personalise this tool and get noticed subtly in meetings, at the office, on public transport, in a café…